It’s that look.
You know?
The polite one.
Watching him potter in his own happy world, completely unaware.
The something’s not right here one.
Glassy-eyed. Hitched-on smile. Invisible wall of keeping my distance.
This child’s not normal.
How do I protect him against that?
Will he remain blissfully oblivious?
How can I defend my own, strangle-held heart.


2 comments on “Alien

  1. Big Ganga Photography says:

    I often ponder if my Son is truly unaware, that he is unaware. Perhaps, Maybe, he has found his own internal acceptance, somewhere deeper than his subconscious.

    I have no problem, politely yet firmly, confronting the disingenuous “Watchers”.I actually take delight, in seeing their embarrassment, as their Charlatanism is exposed. Being the protector and whistle blower, helps my heart.

    Being quietly well spoken, 6’4”, 230Lbs and of a “certain” athletic ability does however, embolden my case.

    A very touching poem, beautifully written…

  2. Alice says:

    Thank you 🙂

    I must confess, my inner mummy tiger is often roused, though I don’t let her out much. Yet.

    But mostly I just want to get him ‘outta there’. I do know we’re going to have to toughen our skins a bit, though.

    Before him, I had no awareness myself, so how can I expect others to, you know?

    It’s a raw, thin-skinned world to learn to navigate. Together.

    But, as you say, I wonder if that rawness is just mine. He seems fine! 😉

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